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Pass the Real Estate Exam or Mortgage Broker Exam on Your First Attempt ….Guaranteed!

At Real Estate Prep we’re serious about your success. That’s why we back our program with a pass guarantee and a readiness guarantee.

We guarantee that you’ll pass on your first exam attempt. No hassles, no sneaky fine print.

Or, if at the end of our program you do not feel ready to write the exam you may retake the course.

All that we ask is that you attend class and do the work.

Our Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee: If you’ve attended all classes within 6 weeks, completed all online quizzes plus the mock exam and you do not pass the licensing exam, we will issue you a full refund or offer you a free program retake.


Readiness Guarantee: If you’ve attended all classes, completed all online quizzes plus the mock exam and you do not feel ready to take the exam you’re preparing for, we’ll offer you a free program retake.

In order to qualify for the guarantee, you must:

  • Attend all classes…or watch them online at your convenience.
  • Watch all Real Easy Real Estate Math Training Videos.
  • Complete all Real Estate Prep online quizzes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the guarantee work?

A. Simple. If you do the work, attend our classes and don’t pass the BC Real Estate Exam or BC Mortgage Broker Exam, we’ll refund 100% of your course fee. Or, if after taking our course you still need a bit of time you can retake our entire program.

Q. How many instruction hours are involved in the Real Estate Prep Program?

A. You will get over 60 contact hours of instruction time with professionals that include: a Realtor, a managing broker, an accountant, a real estate lawyer, a marketing professional, an appraiser and a bank manager. We don’t just want you to pass the exam – we want to give you a head start in your new career. Learn from industry leading experts with over 60 years of combined experience in real estate.

Q. How do video lessons work? Are they required?

A. All of our classes are available in high-definition, on-demand viewing, so you can make progress as fast as you want. If you can’t attend one of our classes, or if you’re an out of town student, that’s no problem – you can just watch our class online at your convenience. We’ll see that you’ve finished your work no matter when you view each session. In addition to our regular classes, we ask that you also watch our Real Easy Real Estate Math & Real Estate Appraisal Videos to qualify for our guarantee. It will make learning the math real easy – guaranteed! Prep for the BC Real Estate License or BC Mortgage Broker Course with professionals. All of our classes are taught by professionals with deep experience in real estate, law, accounting and finance. Don’t just pass the exam – get a head start in your new career with our team of professional instructors.

Q. Do I need books? Does it come with any books?

A. Nope. All the lessons, practice problems, and extensive reference materials are online, which enables us to track your progress and make smart, targeted recommendations for what you should work on next. The course includes a clickable, searchable reference catalog that includes concept overviews, summary notes, the Real Easy Real Estate Math Workbook, videos, practice quizzes and test taking strategies. It’s like an online book, but better.

Put our experience to work for you and get licensed fast. Enroll in our real estate success program today.