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Thanks Manijeh. Your law course was so helpful. Really appreciate all the time you took to explain the topics. Would never have figured out the statement of adjustment exam questions without you! Hope our paths cross again soon Katelin

I just wanted to let you know I scored 80% on my exam! Thank you SO much for all of your help throughout the past week with the material. I really appreciate it! I am sure I will be in touch for any future help with the Urban Land Economics material. Chris

Thank you Dennis for methodically showing me how to approach the math problems today. Once again, thank you so very much today clarifying the math and mortgage component of the course it's very helpful. Jason

Dennis, thanks so much! I credit my pass to your awesome math teaching skills. Thank you so much. Regards, Julie

I recently used Dennis’s services for the mortgage exam. All I can say is Dennis is amazing. He really taught the math in an easy to understand manner. He also worked timing with me that made the test so much easier. Thanks to Dennis I’m now a mortgage broker. I am so happy I found Dennis. Ryan

Thank you thank you thank you! I wrote exam today & got 87%! The classes with you & Manijeh were so helpful. Really appreciate you taking the extra time to review some of the math questions with me. Thanks again, Jody

Just letting you know I passed the exam on that Friday (Sept.7). You and Manijeh were a BIG help. If I didn't take your course, I'm sure I would not have gone through all of that course material on my own in that short period of time. I figured it saved me at least an extra month or two and time is valuable, so the $1000 for the course is certainly worthwhile. Mike

Thank you Dennis. These emails are a great way to review. I always read them at least once. Thanks again. Mike

I want to thank you for your help on Saturday. I wrote the mortgage exam on Monday and passed with 78%. I wouldn't have passed without your help. Cheers, Paul

I took the Real Estate Prep course in the fall of 2013 and found it to be very helpful. The teaching style was very effective. With great instructors and excellent tools and examples it was a very good use of time for a busy person like me. I would highly recommend Real Estate Prep for anyone preparing to be a Realtor. Paul

I wrote my UBC Real Estate Exam this week on the 3rd, and I PASSED! :D I got a grade of 81% on the exam!! I would like to pay my sincere gratitude to you and Manijieh for all the hard work you guys have done preparing the course and lectures for us. Thank you so so much!! :D Regards, Bill

It was a super tough exam, only had 15 math questions, wish it had more, I got 80%, I'm happy with it. Thanks so much for all of your help, you really made the difference! Martin

Thank you so much for all your hard work with us, it is incredibly appreciated. Jordan

Hi Dennis, I am so excited to tell you that I wrote my exam and passed!!! Thanks so much for the help! If you know of any good connections for newcomers looking for a job please let me know. Take care, Kelly

Thank you, Manijeh! You were a great teacher. So glad you and Dennis motivated me to finish the course with a positive result! Warm regards, Alaina

With Manijeh's help my dream of becoming a Realtor has now come true. I was never the best student, and I am a very poor test taker. Manijeh has an awesome teaching method for each type of question on the test that makes doing the test so much easier....I couldn't be happier. Lisa

I passed the exam with score 79. Thank you for the great teaching! Say hi to classmates! Laura

Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam....75% Thank you very much to both you and Manijeh. Your instruction was fantastic and left me totally prepared for the exam. Alexis

Woohoo! :) Big thanks to you and Manijeh for everything! I’m sure our paths will cross again down the road somewhere! All the best to you both! Sarah

Thank you for the great tutoring. I passed. 78%. The test was exactly how you explained it was. Cheers, Steven

Hi Dennis, I just wanted to let you know that I wrote my real estate license exam yesterday and just got my passing grade of 82%. I will be taking my Applied Practice course next week. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. You really helped me a lot. Especially with the math stuff, which by the way I got 91% on all my finance parts of the exam.... Say hi to Manijeh for me. Regards, Ray